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Treibstoff Theaterdays Basel

Theater Roxy


Katharina Germo | Timon Jansen

Stage/Costume/Video: Laura Knüsel

Interaction Design: Robert Läßig

Acting: Chantal Dubs | Anne Eigner | Manuel Herwig

While the forest is the setting for the uncanny in fairy tales or horror films, Foucault attributes a utopian character to the forest. It is the place where the extraordinary can take place. In the narrative of this play development, the forest is the basis for a laboratory of the future. The natural, unoccupied and mythical place is the breeding ground for the scenario of three friends who, apart from society, want to reconceptualize the relationship between nature, humankind and technology. They understand the world as an all-encompassing network, and with the help of controlled schizophrenia they want to become part of it. In this context, the forest becomes a place of origin and future at the same time. It turns out to be an idiosyncratic architecture of light and shadow, a physically existing and at the same time immaterial construct that increasingly gains a life of its own and reflects the experiential level of the irrational. 

Photo Nico Schmied

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