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Jeremy Nedd 
Gasometer Oberhausen

Concept/Choreography: Jeremy Nedd 

Dramaturgy: Miriam Ibrahim

Stage: Laura Knüsel

Sound: Rej Deproc

Musical rehearsal: Martin Engelbach

Costume: Cedric Mpaka

Choreographic Assistance: Kihako Narisawa

Performance: Susanne Burkhard | Sophia Hankings-Evans Birgit Heinelt Isoken Iyahen | Agnes | Schmid Michaela Schwermann

«The Sun Died» tells of farewell and new beginnings in poetic choreographic images. What happens to us when something essential in our lives disappears? How do we deal with this loss?

«Imagine you are falling, but there is no ground.» (Hito Steyerl) - nothing that determines orientation or attraction - does one then fall or what state exists?

What new being, what new realities and what new centres can come into existence?


Photo Isabel Machado Rios | Laura Knüsel

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