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Harbeke | Schwikowski
PolARTS – The Arts Meet Polar Science

Text/Direction/Conception: Sabine Harbeke 

Play/Play Development: Marie Gesien | Regula Imboden| Knut Jensen | Christoph Rath | Margit Schwikowski

Sound design: Knut Jensen

Costume design: Jimena Cugat 

Lighting: Ursula Degen

Stage: Laura Knüsel

Assistance: Paula Breuer

Production management: Annette von Goumoëns 

Production: Imbodenproduction | Sabine Harbeke


A complicity around the PolARTS (Art Meets Polar Science) tandem of Sabine Harbeke and Margit Schwikowski has been dealing with ice core research, the transience of glaciers and the climate crisis in a transdisciplinary way for over a year, talking about the redistribution of values and designing alternatives.


Photo Laura Knüsel

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