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Jeremy Nedd | Impilo Mapantsula

Kaserne Basel

Concept/Choreography: Jeremy Nedd | Impilo Mapantsula


Kgotsofalang Moshe Mavundla | Tommy Tee Motsapi | Bonakele Mambotjie Masethi | Sicelo Malume ka Xaba | Sello Zilo Modiga | Vusi 2.2 Mdoyz

Dramaturgy: Anta Helena Recke

Stage: Laura Knüsel

Light: Thomas Giger

Music/Composition: Xzavier Stone | Modulaw

Sound: Fabrizio Di Salvo

Production Management Switzerland: Ursula Haas

Production Management South Africa: Daniela Goeller

Production Assistance: Kihako Narisawa | Lucas Del Rio Estevez

Outside Eye: Deborah Joyce Holman | Maximilian Hanisch

Pantsula, is a historically significant South African subculture known not only as a powerful dance form, but also as a completely unique expression of life, giving voice to an entire generation during apartheid. In the dance piece «The Ecstatic», six Pantsula dancers turn to the movements that lead to the «Praise Break», a moment of Christian Pentecostal worship in which dance body, voice and music energetically merge. In the process, they explore a new space all their own, where the distinction between ecstatic and cathartic blurs.



Photo Philip Frowein

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