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Helgard Haug/Theater HORA
Salzburger Festspiele

With: Remo Beuggert | Robin Gilly | Simone Gisler | Minhye Ko | Tiziana Pagliaro | Simon Stuber

Concept/Writing/Direction: Helgard Haug

Composition: Barbara Morgenstern

Stage: Laura Knüsel

Video design/Lighting design/Kinetics: Marc Jungreithmeier

Costumes: Christine Ruynat

Sound design: Rozenn Lièvre

Dramaturgy: Ivna Žic | Marcel Bugiel

Theatre pedagogy: Magdalena Neuhaus

Technical direction: Patrick Tucholski

Production management: Maitén Arns | Louise Stölting

Production management Salzburg Festival: Sven Neumann

Production Management Theatre HORA: Jörg Schwahlen

Overall management Theatre HORA: Curdin Casutt

Assistant director: Clara Bender 

Stage design assistance: Amrei Fürst

Theatre pedagogy final rehearsals: Svenja Koch | Noah Beeler


Two mothers offer themselves, compete for a relationship, a title, a task, a benefit - which one should the child choose? And who else is there to choose from? The players of Theater HORA are cognitively impaired and bring their own rules with them. New ones have to be invented together. And the question arises: can the "old saga" be told by performers who will probably never have a child and are dependent on the care of others?

Photo Monika Rittershaus

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