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Performative event sculpture  | freely adapted from Horace McCoy

Theater Neumarkt

Conzept: Mike Bonanno | Hayat Erdogan | Jeremy Nedd

Co-Directing/Master of Ceremony: Mike Bonanno

Choreography/Co-Directing: Jeremy Nedd

Music: Janiv Oron

Stage: Laura Knüsel

Costume: Daniela Zorrozua

Video Art: Matt O'Hare

Dramaturgy: Hayat Erdogan


Alireza Bayram | Florian Denk | Anna Hofmann |

Jeremy Nedd | Leon Pfannenmüller | Sascha Ö. Soydan |

Jakob Leo Stark  

American activist and filmmaker Mike Bonanno (The Yes Men), connects in co-direction with choreographer and dancer Jeremy Nedd, the public dance marathons of 1930s America with our present day capitalist entertainment industry and its economic and algorithmic excesses. 

The winners from Chapter I (Theaterspektakel 2019) are caught in the merciless beat of a treadmill, exhibited in a cube in the Wannerhalle of Zurich Main Station.

A sculptural-performative work about the unfulfilled promises of social media and about its controversial role in the rise of new forms of startum, sponsorship, (racist) populism and the end of privacy. 

On September 9, a media performance «RUAG becomes RUAG GREEN» took place as part of the performative event sculpture.

Photo Philip Frowein

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