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Performance: Brandy Butler 
Concept: Brandy Butler 
Jeremy Nedd 
Dramaturgy: Anta Helena Recke 
Stage: Laura Knüsel 
Light: Ueli Kappeler 
Video: Juan Ferrari
Concept collaboration: Dominik Hartmann

The hardest punishment that the ancient gods could inflict on a mighty Titan like Atlas was to literally impose weight on him. Weight in the sense of mass, mass as a measure of matter, and matter as the heaviness of things. In our society, weight is often considered an indicator of a person's behavior - especially in terms of how fat someone is. The performance «avoirdupois» uses movement, text and physical experiments to question this simplified way of looking at the fat body and the concept of weight as mass. In this way, it expands it to include its social meaning, its function in relation to the body, its modes of representation, and its social imprint as a burden of worldly hardships.



Soloperformance by Brandy Butler

Tanzhaus Zürich

Photo Ella Mettler

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