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A speculative science fiction sequel

Theater Neumarkt

Directing: Jeremy Nedd

Stage: Laura Knüsel

Costume: Jacqueline Loekito | Dylan Basi

Sound: Seven & Rej Deproc

Video: Juan Ferrari | Laura Knüsel | Gaidis Volkovs

Dramaturgy: Hayat Erdogan


Alireza Bayram | Brandy Butler | Anna Hofmann | Kihako Narisawa | Yara Bou Nassar | Edwin Ramirez | Jakob Leo Stark

«Star Magnolia» picks up where Octavia E. Butler's science fiction novels «The Parable of the Sower» (1993) and «The Parable of the Talents» (1998) end: 

It is the year 2094, a group of people are in space. They are on their way with their spaceship. Where to is uncertain. This journey into the open is the story of some people and living beings who have left the earth to free themselves from the abyss of a past. They travel with their memories. Like their spaceship «Acorn» they circle time and space to take root somewhere and sometime among the stars.

Photo Philip Frowein

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