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Festival Belluard Bollwerk International

Espace Culturel Le Nouveau Monde Fribourg


Maximilian Hanisch | Jeremy Nedd 

Scenography: Laura Knüsel

In front of the eyes of the audience, two performers transform the stage into the perfect set for a sad rap song. In contemporary hip-hop, loneliness has become a kind of trademark. Rappers like Yung Lean or Lil Uzi Vert pose as depressed outsiders surrounded by retro and death symbols, fueled by new trend drugs like Xanax or codeine syrup. Dancer and choreographer Jeremy Nedd and director and DJ Maximilian Hanisch deconstruct the aesthetic strategies, codes and symbols of the Sad Boys, exposing their transformative, at times funny and liberating potential by meticulously assembling accessories and striking poses. In their first collaborative work, they question contemporary images of masculinity as well as the commodification of sadness and loneliness.

Photo Pierre-Yves Massot

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