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Die Soziale Fiktion
An unsafe action in the new building district

Artistic direction: Marten Flegel | Anna Froelicher

Collaboration concept/Social Media/Graphics:

Adele Mike Dittrich Frydetzki

Dramaturgical advice/Documentation/Video: Kristina Dreit

Production: Felix Worpenberg

Costume: Harm Coordes | Merle Richter
Scenography: Laura Knüsel
Artistic collaboration objects: Klara Lyssy
Performance: Insecurity-Crew

In their interdisciplinary performance project «Nah am Wasser gebaut», the theatre group Die Soziale Fiktion continues their exploration of the housing question, which began in 2020 with «Render Ghosts» - a play about miniature people in architectural models. 

Bremen's Überseestadt is one of the large new «live and work» districts currently being built in many cities. Are they the problem districts of tomorrow? Die Soziale Fiktion questions life in late capitalism using the example of the Überseestadt: what about the inner life of the houses and the people who live in them? As «Insecurity», the group criss-crosses the neighbourhood and makes contact with its residents. An (In)security service that guards the newly built quarter, but also makes it a little insecure.

Photo Kristina Dreit | Monika Allesch

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