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Radio play by Wolfram Lotz

Bühne A | Theater der Künste

Directing: Christina Rast

Stage/Costume/Video: Laura Knüsel

Assistant Director: Sam Mosimann 

Dramaturgy: Simone Karpf  

Acting: Joachim Aeschlimann | Pan Aurel Bucher | 

Cathrine Dumont | Anne Eigner | Mirjam Rast | 

Robert Rozic | Mirza Sakic

Wolfram Lotz's play works with motifs from Conrad's «Heart of Darkness» and Coppola's «Apocalyose Now» and combines them with our present-day perception of war, civilization, prejudice, moral indignation and excessive demands. In this way Lotz creates an absurd grotesque of our globalized world and combines it with reflections on the possibilities and limits of theater to depict reality. 

The stage design uses the motif of the curtain as an element of theatrical convention of revealing and concealing and dismantles this in the course of the play.

Photo Laura Knüsel

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