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Jolie Ngemi
Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique contemporain

Concept/Performance: Jolie Ngemi

Dramaturgy: Jeremy Nedd

Stage/Lighting: Laura Knüsel

Lighting/Technique: Alain Caron

Audio design: Rej Deproc | Ibaaku

Production management: Gaëlle Marc | Caroline Froelich


Nkisi is a word in Lingala, Jolie Ngemi's mother tongue, that has many different meanings. It can colloquially mean «remedy», «witch, sorcery», «medicine» or denote a sacred fetish (statuette).

Who would these powerful Nkisi women be today, who acted as facilitators of occult powers and were the secret advisors of kings at the time? What is left of these practices when most of the Nkisi statuettes have been looted over the centuries and are found in various museums in colonial countries?

Jolie Ngemi tries to make this traditional knowledge of the Nkisi visible, to remind us of their beauty and at the same time to rekindle their flame and healing power.

Photo Anouk Maupu | Laura Knüsel

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