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Roxy Birsfelden

Directing/Text: Patricija Katica Bronić | Timon Jansen

Performance: Patricija Katica Bronić | Klaus Brömmelmeier

Dramaturgy: Katharina Germo

Outside Eye: Olga Dimitrijević

Stage/Light/Video: Laura Knüsel

Costumes: Ana-Marija Knezević

Sound design/Music: Fabrizio Di Salvo

Technique: Silvana Castelberg

Production management: Kathrin Walde


It has happened again - the father has broken off contact. Only the message «This message has been deleted.» Pride, misunderstandings, migration and the cultural differences of two generations lead the two to the father's only learned, confidently mastered means of communication – silence. The daughter is left with only one thing: she embarks on a heroine's journey through her father's world, trying to free them both from it - even though he is not present. Thrown back on herself and with her desire for closeness, she tries to make contact. She transforms the audience into her father, meets him in the disco, at a car race, and lets him speak silently in the chat.

Photo Ketty Bertossi | Laura Knüsel

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